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Our story starts way back, when we saw that there was need to help Children

Jehovah’s Christ the king ministries is a charity organization and church that was established by the born-again Christians from Lubowa Uganda. This was after realizing the need to serve the people, as Jesus Christ did especially those who are in need of support. The organization was established by the devoted Christian volunteers under the patron ship of Pastor Mawanda Patrick and Pastor Cyrus Kalegeya in conjunction with the other locals and religious born-again leaders within the Lubowa Wakiso district

The major purpose is to preach the gospel of Christ and to offer charity services to the poor, needy, and vulnerable persons in the community.

The organization is committed to a number of developmental activities in the district such as promoting education, social welfare, healthcare, evangelism, and development among the poor, needy and vulnerable children and other persons. The ministry has become a center of capacity building among the poor, needy, orphaned, and vulnerable children and youth in the community. Jehovah’s Christ the king ministries are fully licensed and registered to operate in the Lubowa Wakiso district of Uganda.

Since its establishment, the ministry has done a lot in the areas of evangelism, preaching the gospel, and supporting the poor, especially children and youth.

Many needy children are benefiting from our social welfare, education, healthcare, and development programs despite the financial hardships that we experience. These hardships are the ones that have given us to share our experience with you and seek your assistance with our project. It is because of this that we opted to seek your financial support to enable us to meet some of the basic necessities for the poor, needy, orphaned, and vulnerable children and youth from our community.


  • To resettle and maintain the poor, needy, orphaned, and vulnerable children from  the community.
  • To ensure that these children have a bright or better future as they grow up and  resettled in the home.
  • To sensitize the masses on children’s rights and to encourage them to give support  to needy children.
  • To reach out to communities preaching the gospel and serving the people of GOD.
  • To promote social welfare, education, healthcare and development programs in favor of these children.
  • To set up project activities that help in raising food and income for the maintenance  of these children.
  • To ensure that these children grow up under good conditions that are befitting  in society.
  • To sensitize the public on the dangers of HIV/AIDS and other killer diseases through  awareness/education and counseling services.
  • To bring up children who are God fearing and proclaim the gospel of Christ.


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