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Our story starts way back, when we saw that there was need to help Children

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We are responsible for the decisions we make and the actions we take. We will be accountable to our constituents and donors by conforming to internationally acceptable financial management systems and giving them opportunity to evaluate our performance.
Accountability will ensure a strong reputation of our organization.

JCTK Ministries  is a registered NGO that seeks to improve the livelihood of an African child through providing support to education.

At JCTK Ministries we believe that all children have equal potential if given equal opportunities in life, we also don’t believe that there are disadvantaged children but rather less previledged and this is the inspiration behind our existence.

A staggering 170,609 young people in Uganda are unable to find decent work. At the same time, employers cite lack of skills as a major impediment to hiring youth for those jobs that do exist. Working to fill this gap, Reach young people Uganda equips youth with life skills and technical knowhow, while connecting them to the mentors, internships, and job placement services they need to succeed in the job market.


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